Your Mimi Berry bag is thoughtfully designed and crafted for life, not just a season. Our products are lovingly made in England using the best of traditional craftsmanship, and the finest veg-tan leather. We are committed to ensuring that they live up to their reputation.

We offer a repair service for all our handbags, whether the zip needs replacing from wear and tear or the handbag strap is starting to come away from the handbag. Your bag may just need a good clean and nourish.

Simply send an email and include a brief overview of the repair(s) that are needed, please send clear images of the repair as this will help with the review.

Once received we will send you an email with any follow up questions regarding the repair. Once discussed with our production team we will come back to you with next steps and estimated repair cost and time-frame.

All repairs take place in London and can take around 2-4 weeks, depending on the nature of the repair and how busy our production team are during the time of the repair.

Submit a repair request